Sunday, June 16, 2019

Video Cute goats and babies

Video Cute goats and babies

Video Cute goats and babies

Parents love their young children and many babys are very interested in them and this is important for them to take care of their young children and give them their milk,

 but it is hard to tell you that the little baby are really interested in you and your goats as you will see the young baby feeding the milk goat .

And this is something that was not taken into account and we parents do not expect the baby to be sponsored by the goat .

Video Cute goats and babies

It is a wonderful video compilation of the young baby care about the goat goats and feed him and laugh with him and 

also play with him and if you have a goat advised to keep the children away from him until it happens to him like what happened in these videos .

I do not know whether they are angels or demons, the truth is I know but they are very funny ,Ride on our side to take a journey of constant laughter on the baby and the goat .

Funniest Moment Between Babies and Goat

You have already taken off the plane from the airport and will not land the plane until you get rid of the negative energy that revolves around you and 
clean your heart from the open and open your mind to the fun and laughter and life You have started with us if you do not end until you remove the pain and begin to laugh until you cry from a lot of laughter .

I just want you to tell me in the comments if you do not laugh a lot or your satisfaction with the videos and whether you enjoyed it or not .

Funny Sheeps Trolling Babies and Kids 

Children are the air that fills the house we live in and makes the house full of life, activity, vitality and happiness. They are everything and without them we are nothing .
Baby video at home will not know the existence of life
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baby cute playing with water

baby cute playing with water 

baby cute playing with water

As I told you before that children are a blessing and laughter and activity for you and your family and they are an integral part of you they are innocent laughter that dictates your heart activity and vitality and make you start your day laughing and playing.

It gives your life a bit of beauty and innocence that has no end .

Baby are wonderful movements and very funny you can not forget, especially if they play with water .

That's why we have posted the most funny videos that are viral on youtube and have millions of views of the baby playing water .

baby cute playing with water 

Children play with water and water hoses in the garden or play on the beach , 
And they are wonderful movements and very amazing You will stop the heart of the great laughter when watching children and their lungs with water, especially those afraid of water . 

You can not stop laughing at these little cute little ones that are really fun and funny.

Baby Outdoor Playing With Water Funny

When the children shower and play in the garden outside the house, this is the expected result, which we came out of. They are afraid of water, or they run and shine their eyes as if they have found a treasure to play with. 

They are a funny and fun beer and baby playing outside the house.

Funny Babies Water

I dare you not to laugh with this wonderful and fun video of the kids who play with water outside the house. They are cute and playful children playing with water.

Funny Baby Playing With Water

Ten minutes of continuous laughter on my baby playing water outside the house and doing very crazy and funny movements I challenge you to laugh .

Baby Playing With Water Outdoor

We are also used to the two little peppers who love water in the free to play and shower outside the house in the summer outdoors. They love playing and playing with water and doing very funny things. They are wonderful and very funny children.

Funny Baby Playing With Water

You will not believe what these wonderful little baby will do in this video when playing with water Imagine yourself and have the opportunity to play in the water It was hot in the summer  :) :) :)
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Babies Cute and Puppies

Babies Cute and Puppies

Babies Cute and Puppies

Those of us who do not like children, especially if they are small children and who do not like to play with those beautiful little things that fill the house with vigor and vitality .

Today we came to give you a push forward to laughter and death from a lot of laughter , You will be forced to laugh and leave your grief in any way .

Always and never young children are the source of life that runs in the house and you feel everything is going on and you are laughing with him and not crying .

Those little things that live in your home are really funny and love you in life and spread an atmosphere of joy around you. Just enjoy and play with it and laugh a lot.

Cute Puppies and Babies Playing Together

Compilation Wonderful and lovely for small animals in the house they play with young children , As I told you that children are the joy that deserves life for them I hope you have kids so you know the meaning of love, play and childhood Be parents playing with Baby .

Actually children are a blessing from God by Him to us to work in that life for them and we love that life .

You will laugh a lot with this video and those wonderful children that play with pets at home  just do not stop playing and laughter even crying .. ha ha ha 

Baby and Bird Funny Fails

This is a baby playing with birds It is a compilation of wonderful videos for children with birds are joking and playing with them .

Are you ready to take off and start watching the video It's 11 minutes of laughing with the baby and the birds Haha Smile the world of laughter and play .

Children are really the fuel of life and laugh with their ridiculous innocence because they simply do not know anything.

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Saturday, June 15, 2019


Hello welcome as we always used to make you laugh , Today is our date with a strange mix of funny videos of funny animals .


from : VIDEO HAY

Challenging animals is a really cool thing especially if you have a chicken at home with a cat or you have a mix between ducks and dogs and those animals really are , It has a wonderful challenge if it is present in your farm or in your home. These animals love to play and fight some and we see a lot of laughter with them .

Try not to laugh

from : VIDEO HAY

As you see in this wonderful video that has achieved more than 5 million views in two months , The video starts with cats fighting with the chickens is a very funny shot The duck clicks the dog 
The puppy fights the cock with a real fight I have a musical voice .

It's a collection of wonderful and funny challenges among animals, cats, dogs, ducks and chickens , It's 6 minutes of continuous laughter try not to laugh .

Challenge Animals 2018

Cats and dogs are fantastic animals as well as birds and chicks 
And do strange things and wonderful all the time I challenge you not to see this funny video of the other and especially with your family I hope to laugh at this wonderful video and enjoy your time and you watch that video with family and friends.

This video has generated 35,000 hits in a year , It is a video worth watching .


from : VIDEO HAY

I challenge you not to laugh with this funny video and start with the cock is fixing the neck of the duck in the ground and stand on it Hahaha :)  You will like this video very much especially if you love wrestling home pet animals only for laughter and entertainment .

Video compilation wonderful ten minutes of laughter, which has no end, especially when riding the puppy on the back of the ducks, do not share those wonderful videos with your friends .

We meet until we have another laugh soon .
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Monday, June 10, 2019

Funny fishing Video

Funny videos for fishing

Funny fishing Video

If you are a list of fishing enthusiasts like me and I love boats, lake or fishing in the sea, then you are here in the right place to watch the latent moments, funny jokes and videos taken while fishing .

Many of us want to go on a cruise just to enjoy the boats and fishing and enjoy fishing on those long cruises, which may extend for weeks and months to spend the summer vacation .

But today I'm going to bring you to laugh at some of the crazy videos that were filmed while fishing and boating .

The boats rotate against people turn down 

This is the first video in our list of the day I wish you would like it about boats People revolve against it's war hahahah :) 

This funny video, which was uploaded in 2016 and is a collection of videos that were merged together for the purpose of laughter. This video exceeded 4 million views in a short time .

It is really a wonderful video not advised to watch for weak hearts, especially if you have a sea dizziness .

Whenever I see that video, go back and see it again just to laugh ..
It is really a wonderful video and a danger to the hearts of weak advised to tie seat belts .

Try not to laugh fishing !!

I dare you to laugh is a wonderful video and attractive As you know that fishing is a serious work must take seriously so you find the right taste for the right fish .
As you see, catching fish is not as easy as it seems .

It's a hard job that needs to be done if you throw the net well and do not let the hook hang tight .
Preferably choose a hook of the strong type that is broken .

Then you'll find a set of dumps of bad friends , I promise you not to repeat that video of laughter .

Fly Fishing Funny Video For Kids

I loved ending this day with this wonderful video of laughter about flying fishing , 
It is a really fun video for young children who make wonderful gestures because they are simply afraid of fish or because their pie does not know anything about it .

It 's ten minutes of continuous laughter for children fishing fish and a challenge that do not repeat videos to watch more than once with your friends or family that it is really funny and wonderful videos that wish to receive your admiration.

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

top panda cute funny from youtube 2019

top cute video funny panda on youtube 

top cute video funny panda on youtube

We all know that the panda of the mammalian species
We love panda those animals ,We try to keep it from extinction Because of the lack of land and human behavior 
Panda was a target for hunting in its native China and was about to be extinct ،Today, however, with the development of genetics, the panda is able to withstand and maintain it especially with the cessation of fishing operations .

Today, however, with the development of genetics, the panda is able to withstand and maintain it especially with the cessation of fishing operations , I like to add it in the mind of the reader .

Let's go see the funny videos of the pandas :

1-Try not to laugh: the funny panda videos

When playing a small panda with his mother , We get those funny videos that we enjoy so much when we watch them , Panda teaches us about motherhood and fun with kids is important .

2- Baby Panda Cute Compilation Videos 

It's one of the most popular videos on YouTube , It is a compilation of several videos of Panda Panda, a very interesting video I advise you to watch , 

Where the joy of the baby swallowing and jumping from the tree of high altitude as well as skating and this video is about 11 minutes, but the most fun Panda videos on YouTube where the number of views about 2 million views .

And it is one of the most beautiful sections spread viral to panda .

3- Baby Panda Videos Compilation 

The little panda begins to play on the swing to relax and then the children panda fight together and then another pandas to play the ball .

While another Panda goes for skiing, but in minute 2: 57
You'll laugh a lot with the dancing panda 

This was our choice for the day to laugh with the panda. I hope you enjoyed it and that you see it with your family and share it with your friends.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The most funny videos of the baby with animals

 funny videos of the baby with animals

Always check out video sites to watch the most funny videos One of the most beautiful clips is the video clips of young children, which is one of the most beautiful moments we live and watch 

The most funny videos of the baby with animals

by : funnyplox

We laugh a lot with her and we cry so much laughter Are children's videos with pets such as cats and dogs when a parent shoots the camera and filming those wonderful videos of cats and dogs with kids and they can play and play together ,

And for this day we will assemble to beat the best of those videos and sites that have achieved widespread and very much on YouTube.

1-Funny kids with cats

by : funnyplox

It's one of the nicest videos on YouTube for cats and kids ,
Where the owner of the YouTube channel collects the most beautiful videos of young children with cats and merged them into one video to get us this wonderful section ,

The video was released in 2016 and has seen a viral spread on Web sites and over 31 million views on YouTube.

It is a wonderful and very funny video that I advise you to watch with your family.

2-Cats and babies are very funny

This is the second video in our list of the day is a funny video of babies with cats ..

This video is almost 5 minutes of your time may make up a very big difference of your time so that watching it may bring you pleasure and joy on your day , 

Especially as babies are angels in the world and are making moments not repeated in laughter, especially if they are with pets like cats .

Do not hesitate to watch this beautiful video and share it with your family .

3-Cats and children play together funny

This is the number three video in our list today for funny and widely distributed videos. The video has achieved more than one million hits and has been successful in a short time .

This video tells you that if you have a young child with a cat or a pet, always prepare the camera to shoot such videos that are not repeated and share with others .

I hope you will follow us to watch more of those video clips with us .

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The most beautiful clips of elephants on Daily Mail

One of us does not like this huge animal, the elephant ,
He is a mammal and although he is a huge animal, he is a very good animal .

The most beautiful clips of elephants on Daily Mail

The most beautiful clips of elephants on Daily Mail
from : Daily Mail

But this does not mean that you can go and buy this animal as a pet, because there simply is no place for him in the apartment or home .

But this is not what we are talking about today. We have come out of the context of the original subject.

Basically I loved n talking to you today and engaging with you the nicest and strangest sections of Elephants of the Daily Mail .

1- The baby elephant gives the man kisses

from : Daily Mail

In this section, the baby cradles and kisses the man, where the man rides the man with a fun time, laughing with him and embracing him. This video was filmed in Thailand .

2-The elephant is trapped in the canal

from : Daily Mail

This wonderful and creative shot illustrates the union of man and animal to save some , The video shows rescuers providing a rope ladder to the 25-year-old lost elephant , Who seem to be drinking a drink from a canal , But found it difficult to get out of the channel in Welikanda near Polonnaruwa , 

East of Sri Lanka, but with the help of wildlife rescuers, they have been able to extend a rescue rope to this elephant as the cats show a rope ladder to help the elephant cling to it and get out of the canal.

3-Jump with the elephant my friend

from : Daily Mail

The footage of that video shows that the young man is doing a helluva review and jumps with the help of the elephant and turns on his back, which is a very wonderful video.

4-Elephants get their own swimming pool

from : Daily Mail

When the weather is hot and the summer is hot you have to find a place to be dedicated to your day and the swimming pool may not be for you but it is for elephants fun and beautiful video.

I hope that if you like that video you can share it with your friends and thank you very much .

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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Please stop the fighting

Chicken Fight

What is the most beautiful of those clips and scenes that we see on Youtube

Please stop the fighting

from: RM Videos

My pet is spreading like a pet, but today it's not like any day. Today is our time with chicken fighting. When fighting starts, it's hard for you to get involved.

But there has to be a voice to stop that war between the chickens, and that's why we've collected a collection of mimes from the most viewed on youtube to fight chicken , The dog intervenes to stop the battle between the two parties so as not to be injured.

1-Fight cock stand up game by the dog leader

This video is one of the most beautiful passages that make you crazy, the battle is raging between the red cock and the white cock and the jumping and fighting between them in the minute as the war of Fallol enter the leader of the dog did not end that war between them, the dog is the voice of peace.

2-Please stop fighting

from : RM Videos
War and fighting raging between the parties and the dog tries to stop that war ,But soft does not work with them stop fighting sometimes you should use force to stop that fighting.

3. Sometimes the police must intervene with the turkey until the fighting stops.

Sometimes the police force must intervene to stop the fighting if there is not a big voice or mind in that house, one of the nicest videos on YouTube that shows that the turkey is stopping the fighting between the cocks.

4-Chicken vs. Corgi

from: RM Videos

We liked to end the martial arts in this wonderful section that will not stop you from laughing about fighting between the puppy dog and the chicken .

It is a beautiful clip has achieved millions of views on YouTube, I hope you will listen with those clips and if you liked that video that you share that video with family and friends and enjoy it.

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Monday, May 27, 2019

A newborn child whose world is going wrong in the hospital

josh and Katie pantry man from state capital, Tennessee were expecting a baby.

The couple were very excited to live away to enjoy life and welcome
At their 20-week check-up, doctors discovered one thing throughout the ultrasound that might amendment the course of the couple’s plans.

A newborn child whose world is going wrong in the hospital

A newborn child whose world is going wrong in the hospital

This issue discovered within the ultrasound might cause a haul for his or her son Dewey’s development. once he was born, Dewey was directly taken to the ICU. He lingered there for 132 days throughout that doctors tried to figure out what was occurring with him. 

Unfortunately, the little boy died on his mother because of a routine feeding of the child from the feeding tube.

The Butler’s were on the far side heartsick with the loss of their son, however a nurse only 1 floor up would shortly intervene, providing them a lifeline for his or her grief.

in the hospital

This nurse worked within the NICU; she and also the Butler’s had big notably shut throughout their son’s time in hospital. Her telephone call shocked the couple. The nurse recalled the Butler’s had expressed interest in fostering. She knew of a bit baby boy on the fifth floor named Brax UN agency required love.

Barrax was 11 months old and had not left the hospital since he was born. His folks abandoned him since they weren’t able to look after him. The poor very little man suffered from pulmonic cardiovascular disease, chronic metastasis failure, and tracheomalacia. 
Doctors say the condition of Brax will improve with age

As shortly because the Butler’s brought Brax into their home, his circumstances improved. tantalize and Katie worshipped their foster kid

They developed permanent objects in the 2017 calendar month, with the official adoption of Brax.
They will continuously miss their Dewey. 

They recognize he's free from pain and that they feel his loss. They perceive that along with his death, they {need} the area in their hearts for one more kid in need of affection
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